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Studies Suggest Burnout Highest Amongst K-12 Educators in New York City

NEW YORK – When the pandemic was declared in March 2020, elementary school educator and mother of two Judy Dodd was only working part-time as a performing arts teacher in Manhattan. She never anticipated the series of events that would turn a part-time teaching position into double the workload and consequently “pandemic burnout.”

She said in September 2020 when they reopened schools, she taught in person and took on substitute teacher roles. She was asked to fill in for subjects she had no expertise in and was hired as a full-time English teacher that December, along with continuing her part-time work as a performing arts teacher.

Dodd said sometimes she left for work at 7 a.m. from Hell’s Kitchen to the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 45-minute rush hour traffic with no social distancing, before vaccines were made. She’d do theater rehearsal after school and wouldn’t be back home until 8 p.m. to grade class assignments.

Some days she’d just be proud she remembered to bring her work laptop home for the next day’s remote learning session, but then she’d forget to bring the charger home so she would have to borrow her neighbor’s.

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